Jazz Front Reinforced Bikini Panty
  • Jazz Front Reinforced Bikini Panty
  • Jazz Front Reinforced Bikini Panty

Jazz Front Reinforced Bikini Panty

Ref. 129944

Panty in Textured Fabric, with Traditional Design and Front Reinforcement that Helps Support the Abdominal Region. Suitable for All Types of Hips. Fits Plus Size.

Size: S
Color: Black


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  1. Textured Fabric: The use of textured fabric adds a visual and tactile element to the panty, providing a unique and stylish touch.

  2. Traditional Design: The mention of a traditional design suggests a timeless and classic style, making this panty versatile for various occasions and personal preferences.

  3. Front Reinforcement: The front reinforcement is a key feature that enhances support in the abdominal region. This is particularly beneficial for those seeking extra support and comfort throughout the day.

  4. Suitable for All Types of Hips: The inclusivity of the design, catering to all types of hips, emphasizes a commitment to providing a comfortable fit for a diverse range of body shapes.

  5. Fits Plus Size: The assurance that the panty fits plus size individuals underscores the brand's dedication to offering size-inclusive options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this particular design.Cotton Lining: The bikini is lined with 100% cotton, adding a breathable and natural element to the garment, enhancing comfort and moisture absorption.

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