We are living in an unusual situation. Viruses, pandemics, social isolation, wearing masks. All of these situations can make us crazy and anxious, our body can suffer from all these events, especially our skin.

Stress, changes in our diet and insomnia can cause major problems, so it is so necessary that we dedicate more time to take care of ourselves, having the habit of doing skincare can change our self-esteem and especially our mental health.

But what is Skincare?

Skincare is an English term that means skin care, the daily routine that you must have to maintain a healthy, hydrated, smooth, luminous and youthful skin for longer.

But you must be thinking: How to start? What to do? Calm down, we’ll help you by giving you a few tips that can save your skin.


Always clean your skin

Cleaning the skin is very necessary, not only taking off your makeup, but having the habit of using soaps or cleansing gel will help you regulate oiliness and clean your pores.


Moisturize the skin

Sometimes because we have oily and acne-prone skin, we do not hydrate the skin properly, but it is super important to keep our skin hydrated, outside and inside, so drink lots of water and invest in creams for your skin type.


Use sunscreen

I know, we are spending more time at home, so the sunscreen is left in the closet, but did you know that computer screens transmit lights that can harm your skin? So even if you stay at home, don't forget to pass the filter.



Extra hydration once a week! Wear a mask, it's not the one we're using to leave the house, but fabric facial masks, there are several on the market and for various purposes, they are cheap and you can find them in any pharmacy. 


Write down all these tips and start your skincare today. And don't forget, if you need to leave the house, go with Duloren protective masks.