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Core Control Boxer

The Core Control Boxer is made with greater compression double fabric that slims and contours your lower abdomen, and hips. It promotes biostimulation of metabolism, while providing high breathability.

- Low waist with double fabric. - Reduces tummy and hip measurements. - Seamless fabric. - 100% cotton lining bottom. - Hydrophilic treatment fabric for skin breathability. *To obtain cosmetic slimming effects, it is necessary to wear for at least 6 hours daily for 30 consecutive days.‎

Ref. PL_50080
Price $32.00

Racerback Support Bra

Put your shoulders on display with the Racerback Bra that supports the breasts with a swimmer neckline. Made with seamless fabric for perfect comfort, flush look and Hydrophilic treatment material, which allows skin to breathe freely‎

Ref. PL_50113
Price $32.00

Comfort Tank Top

‎"Second skin" flush feel comfort tank is perfect to wear alone or underneath blazers and blouses. Tank is designed with thin handles, and completely seamless fabric for the prefect flush look. Made with Sensil polyamide® super soft Hydrophilic treatment fabric, which allows your skin to breathe freely, while snatching your waist in.

Ref. PL_50200
Price $32.00

Slimming Tank Top

This double-woven tank models your curves comfortably. Can be worn alone or underneath blazers and blouses. Match with lower waist panties to avoid overlap. Product Features Double fabric Thin handles, and is completely seamless for the perfect flush look. Made with Microfiber super soft Hydrophilic treatment fabric, which allows your skin to breath freely‎ while snatching your waist

Ref. PL_50260
Price $49.99

Figure Shaping Tank Top

The Figure Shaping Tank Top will shape your body with absolute comfort. This top has the power to transform any look by giving you the perfect silhouette. It can be worn with dresses, pants, t-shirts or light blouses, if not even alone. The fabric reduces measurements of the abdomen and contours the waist, improves posture and sustains the lumbar region, and supports and models the breasts. It is also made with seamless fabric for a flush look. 

Ref. PL_50314
Price $49.99

Slimming Bodysuit

‎• Contours breasts • Reduces measurements off of the abdomen and contours the waist. • Improves posture and sustains the lumbar region. • Adjustable straps for desired crossing at the back. • Cuffing between the legs with delicate push buttons. • Balanced compression for the perfect slimming and snatching effect.‎

Ref. PL_50403
Price $32.00

Slimming Control Top

This control top is made with a lifting padded bra top and greater compression fabric in the abdominal region for the perfect snatching and slimming effect. The 4 flexible fins, in addition to further valuing the waist, also keep the garment from folding. Our control top supports the lumbar region providing perfect posture. The straps are adjustable and removable for desired crossing in the back.

• Soft bulge • Supports the lumbar region • Has double tissue in the abdominal region • Long fins to outline the waist 

100% Polyurethane Foam 100% Polyurethane Coating 100% Polyester‎

Ref. PL_50426
Price $59.99

Core Control, Butt Lifting...

Our Control shorts are the perfect balance between innovation and sophistication. The double fabric ensures total comfort and greater compression giving you an immediate snatching effect around the abdomen and waist line. The Control shorts are also made with a lifting buttock design for the perfect contoured body look. The exclusive fins were developed so that the fabric does not fold and maintains its impeccable posture. To innovate all this technology with feminine sensitivity, Plié Shorts are made with satin touch fabric, and a detailed lace trim.

Ref. PL_60080
Price $49.99

Sculpting Bra

‎Makeup Skin is the revolutionary line that will accentuate your body by lifting, while colors become flush with your skin making it the perfect undergarment piece. The extra fine fabric, soft touch, ensures the enhancement of contours with very light compression.

Ref. PL_60157
Price $32.00

Low Plunge Bodysuit

‎Innovative low plunge neckline for low cut tops and dresses. Designed with a lifting fabric for the butt. Reduces inches off of abdomen and waist with the slimming and snatching material. This bodysuit improves posture and sustains the lumbar region. It has lace details on the sides, bringing even more sensuality to your shapewear bodysuit. Fabric prevents friction between the legs and is made with adjustable straps that cross at the back. It has a hygienic opening. Fabric is made for comfort with increased elasticity, and satin touch feel. Made with 100% cotton bottom lining and Hydrophilic treatment fabric, which allows the skin to breathe freely with total comfort. No side seams.‎

Ref. PL_60428
Price $99.99