Lightly Lined

Lightly lined demi bras provide all the comfort in a sexy style. Choose the lightly lined bra style that's right for you.

Lightly Lined

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Wireless Structure Bra

Wireless bra in medium compression fabric. Anatomic bust molded with reinforced sewing. Side straps with reducing function and lifting support to the breasts. Wide sides, fixed and adjustable wide handles. Cute bow in the center. Dresses plus size.

Ref. 121595
Price $24.95

Wireless Control Bra

High compression and super power satinet bra. Lace applied to the neckline and bottom lower part, with molded anatomy. Wide reducing sides assist good accommodation of the body. Fixed and adjustable handles. Cute bow in the center. Dresses plus size.

Ref. 121577
Price $32.99

Wireless Mirra Bra

Basic wireless comfort bra, molded with reinforcement, for greater breast anatomy. Elastic handles designed for beauty, fixed and adjustable. Graduation bracket for better adjustment to greater circumference. Indicated for all types of breasts. Dresses plus size.

Ref. 121912
Price $28.99

Flex Power Everyday,...

High compression and super power satin bra. Perfect for everyday comfort wear with seamless feel that blends with clothing. Made with molded supportive bust perfecting breast anatomy. Foam formatted handles for greater comfort, provide sustainability and firmness to the breasts, without marking the shoulders. Sides finished with reinforced sewing. Dresses plus size.

Ref. 111714
Price $24.95

Naked Atlantida Bra

The Naked Atlantida Bra is a perfect daily comfort fit. It wireless, but has a molded bust for greater anatomy to the breasts, without digging rims. Embroidered, fixed and adjustable straps.

Ref. 831132
Price $26.99

Cuore Wireless Bra

Basic daily comfort bra, wireless but made with reinforcement cups and molded anatomy. Crafted lycra® fabric.

Ref. 121732
Price $28.99

Van Gogh Wireless Bra

Basic daily comfort bra made molded with anatomical cut, made padless and wireless. It has a deep neckline. All made in lycra crafted light, soft and pleasant to use on a daily basis. Elastic, fixed and adjustable handles for adjustments. Triple bracket for optimal adjustment to body circumference.

Ref. 121970
Price $28.99

Summer Flower Control Bra

The Summer Flower Control Bra is made with compression and power fabric, for a medium support (compressed, but does not suffocate or feel like shapewear). Padless, but made with molded anatomy cups and reinforced seams, plunging neckline enhancing the neck. Sides with fins, helping to adhere well to the body. Fixed and adjustable straps.

Ref. 121771
Price $24.99

Tactel Wireless Bra

Padless bra made of extremely comfortable high compression satin. Rimless with molded cup that fits the breasts perfectly. Made with wide reducing sides, and wide fixed and adjustable straps. Finished with details of a delicate bow in the center of the piece.

Ref. 121519
Price $14.99

Sutiã Tradicional com Bojo...

Sutiã confeccionado todo em renda, bojo estruturado e arco, valorizando o colo e, possibilidade de usar com vestes com cortes mais ousados. Alças fixas reguláveis. Colchete graduado nas costas, atendendo medidas maiores.

Ref. 131205
Price $32.99