Bikinis & Hipsters

Bikini panties are a great choice no matter what outfit you’re wearing or what your day looks like. With the perfect amount of cheekiness, you won’t have panty lines or have to worry about discomfort throughout the day.
Hipsters are the perfect choice for those who prefer a naturally higher-fitting style. If you’re a fan of tight skirts or dresses and want your underwear to fit seamlessly underneath, hipsters are your best bet.

Bikinis & Hipsters

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Calcinha Caleçon em Renda...

Calcinha caleçon toda em delicada renda com motivos florais. Possui forro parcial frontal e sutil transparência. Fundo com forro em algodão. Veste Plus Size.

90% Poliamida 10% Elastano Forro Fundo 100% Algodão
Ref. 839292
Price $18.99